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The X Nigerian President accuses Buhari and refuses to honour Abiola

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Obasanjo believes Buhari has corrupted the EFCC and ICPC by tampering with their operations.

President Muhammadu Buhari (left) and former president, Olusegun Obasanjo (right), have not been on the best of terms since 2018 [Punch]

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has accused current president, Muhammadu Buhari, of corrupting the nation’s anti-corruption agencies for his political interests.

When he was first elected president in 2015, Buhari was vocal about ridding the nation of corruption, but has been accused, several times, of only using the anti-corruption campaign to target his political opponents, while shielding his allies.

In an exclusive interview with Premium Times, Obasanjo said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) are no longer independent, as designed, under Buhari.

He said, “I set up two institutions. I came with two laws that were not there before, to fight corruption.

“And those who claim they are fighting corruption today have not brought in anything different. If anything, they have corrupted those two institutions. And the institutions were open and independent.

“I never, never, as president had to say to either the head of ICPC or EFCC, ‘Oh, chase this person.'”

Obasanjo, 82, also warned that Nigeria is being driven towards “disaster and instability and unsustainability” under the current government, as he questioned the pace of the nation’s growth under the former military dictator.

Obasanjo, a former military dictator himself, said there is no confidence in the Nigerian economy anymore because the gains of the past have been squandered through inefficient policies.

The former president has publicly clashed with Buhari several times since January 2018, and backed his former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, against the president in the 2019 presidential election.

However, Buhari, 76, won the election in February and was sworn in for a second term on May 29.

June 12: Okupe explains why Obasanjo did not honour Abiola

Okupe says only a northerner like President Muhammadu Buhari who is highly respected in the north could institutionalise June 12.

Doyin Okupe says Obasanjo would have been misunderstood if he had honoured MKO Abiola. (Punch)

Former Senior Assistant on Public Affairs to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe has explained the reason the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo did not honour the adjudged winner of the 1993 presidential election, late Chief MKO Abiola.

Okupe said Obasanjo would have been misunderstood if he had honoured Abiola because he was his kinsman.

He said this at the maiden edition of the commemorative lecture to mark June 12 Democracy Day in Abeokuta, Ogun state capital.

According to Punch, the former president’s aide added that only a northerner like President Muhammadu Buhari who enjoys the respect of his kinsmen could honour Abiola without being criticised.

While speaking on the theme: “June 12: The Yoruba race in a reunited Nigeria”, Okupe said, “One, it is not all that is known that should be said by an elderly person’. Two, nothing can happen in this world until God Almighty ordains it. Three, the politics of Nigeria is so intricate. When they started Sharia in Zamfara, Obasanjo publicly endorsed it and allowed it.

“No northern President can do that effectively without incurring a major riot.

“There is no better person, there is no better government that can institutionalize June 12 except a government headed by a strong northerner otherwise, it will create a serious controversy.

“Buhari by providence has been well-placed. He is not just an ordinary northerner, (he’s) a very strong one that a lot of northerners respect, that even if they disagree (with him) they will not vent their disagreement. They will hold their peace.

“And therefore, it was easier for him to do it. We give God the glory that it has been done. Delay is not denial.”

The event was organised by a former governorship aspirant in Ogun state, Oladipupo Adebutu on Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, May 20, 2019, declared May 29 and June 12 as public holidays to commemorate the transition to a new government and Democracy Day, respectively.


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