The day has finally come. After weeks of T.I. remaining mute after the controversy that escalated when the rapper admitted to attending his daughter’s gynecology appointments to ensure she’s still a virgin, he’s finally paid a visit to Jada Smith’s Red Table Talk to explain himself. “I began, from a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate,” T.I. said of his previous statements. “People took it extremely literal. If you put any of my reputation about who I am as a father and who I’ve been, I honestly thought people knew me better than that.”

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T.I. continued to detail how apologetic he is towards his daughter, Deyjah Harris, and how some of his statements were blown out of proportion. Despite his bold move to explain himself on Jada’s show, a lot of reactions on Twitter prove that not a lot of people have agreed with his statements and as we saw in the episode, Jada made it clear that he’s lucky her daughter Willow Smith was present.

ask. google.@iLove_Marz

TI on #redtabletalk saying he’s sorry willow couldn’t make it and Jada essentially telling him he don’t want that smoke

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“There is no way TI did this as a PR interview to mask the mess he’s made, he just further proved how deep his misogyny and lack of common sense run,” one Twitter user added of the episode.

Peep more reactions to T.I.’s Red Table Talk visit and let us know what you think.

sad gyal kerly@kerly_lynce

Lmaoo TI really pulled the “black woman are the most disrespected..” NIGGA YOU LITERALLY CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE EVERY OTHER WEEK💀💀💀

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TI knows & uses all of these big, eloquent words but doesn’t know the term “patriarch” ??? #redtabletalk

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Athena’s Daddy ala Blaque@claudius_jr

Actually Jada Pinkett is as wrong AF for having TI *& Tiny* on #RedTableTalk. Even if her intent is to read him to filth & back, it won’t change the fact that she has given him a platform to talk abt another person & their body, without said person even being part of the convo

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CiCi Adams🌸


10 minutes in to this #RedTableTalk and TI hasn’t admitted that he was wrong. Whether he did it when his daughter was 15/16 doesn’t matter. It was evil and he clearly still doesn’t understand that what he did was a violation.

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At 15:20, TI begins to very clearly indicate that if his daughter was no longer a virgin, he was going to treat her differently, including financial consequences. So, in conclusion, he is trash.

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I saw a tweet that said ti owned up to his issues with other peoples genitailia on red table talk. But i must have watched a different interview cause my guy doubled down on his garbage takes.

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KEARRA K.@SheIsKearraK

I’m disappointed in TI’s Red Table Talk because his misogynistic ass was never put into his place. His reasonings didn’t even make sense, and at first he tried to lie and say that he was joking. 🙄

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